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Last updated on 25 February 2019

Welcome to Lingwell (the "Site"), an online portal currently offering German Language Subscriptions.

    The terms and conditions included in this document (the Subscription Conditions) regulate the Subscription Services made available by Lingwell to Registered Users (the Subscription Services). These Subscription Conditions may be updated from time by time by Lingwell without prior notice. You can review the most current version of the Subscription Conditions at any time at Subscription Conditions.
    Access and use of the Subscription Services by the Registered User means that the user has read, understood and accepted these Subscription Conditions. Continued use of the Subscription Services after any such changes or updating of these Subscription Conditions constitutes your acceptance of the new Subscription Conditions. If you do not agree to abide by these or any future Subscription Conditions, do not use or access the Subscription Services.
    The Subscription Services of Lingwell constitute a series of advanced features made available by Lingwell to Registered Users of the Site. To use the Subscription Services you must accept these Subscription Conditions and subscribe to the Subscription Services for a specific period of time (Subscription). Please consult Condition 4 for more information.
    In order to use the Subscription Services, you must be a Registered User of Lingwell and you must pay the stipulated price by credit card or any other form of payment accepted by Lingwell. If you are not a Registered User of Lingwell, you must register before you can subscribe to and access the Subscription Services.
    Lingwell uses secure payment service providers to guarantee that your payments are secure.
    You guarantee that you are over 18 years of age and that you are legally authorised to enter into agreements according to the laws in force. You also guarantee that:
    (a) all registration data are true, accurate, current and complete and
    (b) you will keep all registration information up to date.
    If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Lingwell has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Lingwell has the right to suspend or terminate your account immediately and without prior notice and to refuse any and all current or future use of the Subscription Services (or any portion thereof), without the Registered User being entitled to a refund of any previously paid amoun
    If your account is suspended or cancelled, all of the information contained in the account will be automatically deleted. Lingwell declines any responsibility for the loss of information as a consequence of the cancellation of Subscription Services or a Registered User account.
    In any event, Lingwell reserves the right to contact you at any time to verify your Registration Data.
    1. General Terms
      By accepting these conditions, you agree to pay the stipulated amounts by credit card or any other form of payment accepted by Lingwell, along with the VAT and any other fees or amounts associated with the Subscription Services.
    2. Subscriptions
      Lingwell offers different Subscription periods so that you can choose the one that best satisfies your needs.
    3. Subscription Payment
      Payment is made in advance. In other words, you can select the Subscription period that best satisfies your needs to access the Subscription Services. Once you have signed up and paid the Subscription, that validity period will be associated with your account.
    4. Automatic Renewal
      When your Subscription period expires, your credit card will be charged automatically and your Subscription will be renewed for the same period of time unless you cancel your Subscription.
    5. Prices
      The prices can be subject to change. Any price changes will be announced on the Lingwell website.
    6. No Refund
      Please be advised before you subscribe that Lingwell is informing you in writing that the amounts paid in advance will not be refunded.
    7. Cancellation of the Subscription Service by the Registered User
      You may cancel the Subscription Service at any time by going to My Account. Under no circumstances will any previously paid amounts be refunded.
    8. Subscription Period
      Subscriptions do not expire due to non-use of the Subscription Services during the Subscription period.
      You can check on the length of your Subscription at any time by viewing your subscription information by going to My Account.
    9. Unauthorised Use
      You must protect your account from unauthorised and fraudulent use. Please notify Lingwell immediately at info[@]Lingwell of any unauthorised or fraudulent use of your account or when you suspect that your account may be at risk.
      Amounts paid to Lingwell before you report an unauthorised or fraudulent use of your account will not be refunded. Lingwell has the right to close or cancel the account of any Registered User in the event of any unauthorised or fraudulent use of the account.
    10. Promotions and Free Offers
      Lingwell may run promotions and free offers which may be subject to additional terms or restrictions. These promotions and offers may not be shared among different users.
    The Registration Data, any other information needed to access the Subscription Services and any other information relative to the Registered User are subject to our Privacy Policy the terms of which is understood as incorporated into these Subscription Conditions by reference.
    Personal data that may be shared on your Profile are at the discretion and responsibility of the Registered User. By accepting these Subscription Conditions, you also indicate that you understand and consent to the practices used to collect, use and disclose information described in our Privacy Policy.
    You understand and accept that the Service is provided AS IS and that you use the Site at your own risk. Lingwell is not liable for interruptions, delays or errors in the Subscription Services. Furthermore, we are not liable for problems caused by the malfunction of the telephone lines, computers or Internet connections you use.
    Lingwell does not guarantee the results or lack of results of your language studies. Lingwell is not liable for the direct or indirect loss of data, information, business expectations or profits or for any damages caused by using the Service.
    Lingwell assumes no liability for downloaded material or material obtained as a consequence of using the Service. The Registered User is solely responsible for any damages caused by such materials to his computer system or for information that is lost as a consequence of downloading materials from the Service.
    The Registered User is exclusively liable for any claims or lawsuits of any kind in any way derived from or related to conflicts with other users. The Registered User acknowledges and accepts that Lingwell will not, under any circumstances, be liable for the acts or omissions of other users, including the damages associated with such acts or omissions.
    As some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, Lingwell's liability in such jurisdictions shall be limited to the extent permitted by law.
    Lingwell may contact you and send you notices, including those relative to changes in these Subscription Conditions, by email, or by posting announcements on the website.
    Please contact us for any questions you might have or to report any violations of these Subscription Conditions at info[@]lingwell.com.
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