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Lingwell Online is the perfect solution for professionals who are frequently travelling and/or have with little or no time to learn with a live tutor. Learn at your own time and p(l)ace.
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Our Courses

You do not require any previous knowledge of German to complete our Basic German Course (A1).
Try our free Taster German Course to find out if our learning format is right for you.
We are currently working on the publication of Elementary German (A2), which will be published in summer this year.

Benefits of purchasing Basic German (A1) - Complete Course:

  • Access to 200+ exercises
  • Access to 10 lessons on the 10 most common topics
  • Progress tracking: know which areas you have completed
  • Ranking: start as a Dummy and progress to become a Guru.

Our Lessons

Purchase a single lesson if you need to refresh your knowledge on a specific topic.