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Do you need a public speaker for your event? Does your audience a speaker who can share the path to becoming and staying motivated during the language learning process? If you answer both questions with yes, get in touch with us to arrange a booking.

Experienced Motivational Speaker

Our Public Speaker Kat Weber, CEO at Weber Consultancy Limited, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the language learning and language acquisition arena. Kat delivers insightful and motivational speeches related to the challenges and opportunities one encounters during the language learning process.

Speaker Biography

Kat is a German native who spent the past 30 years in about half a dozen different countries around the world. This experience enabled her to speak over half a dozen languages. Kat holds a teaching degree for English and French from the University of Nuremberg. She also studied Philosophy and Psychology at the same university and is a member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy at Oxford University. Kat is a qualified translator and consultant for SMEs and corporations alike, acting as a Learning Facilitator, Training Developer, Project Manager and Change Manager.

To book Kat for one of your events, provide us with as much detail as possible regarding your industry, the topic, audience, location, duration, desired date, budget etc. using the Contact Us form.

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