Our Training Locations

We currently deliver training in the UK only. We are currently expanding to Europe will soon publish our training locations across the continent.

If you require training in a location not listed below, contact us and we will try to find a suitable trainer in your area.

Our Packages and Price Plans

Learn German with Lingwell

Enhance your CV. Skill up by learning German with Lingwell.
Whether your are a busy professional on the move or based in an office, get in touch with Lingwell today and get advice on the right solution to achieve your goals.

Face-to-Face German

Corporate German available in 1:1, 2:1 and small group format. Exclusively for corporate clients in Oxford and Reading, UK. We provide training for all language levels.

Lingwell Online

Our Lingwell Online subscriptions are currently available for Basic German (A1). You do not require any previous language knowledge for this course. We will launch Elementary German (A2) shortly.

Blended Learning

Our blended learning solution combines traditional face-to-face tuition and online learning in order to deliver a convenient, flexible adn affordable solution for companies that book group courses with us.

Industry Relevant Content

Our face-to-face Intermediate and Advanced courses are tailored to your specific industry. We help you succeed in international markets by providing first-class business and corporate language tuition that drives effective communication.

Professional Trainers

Our trainers do not only have the indispensable linguistic background, they are also native speakers of the language they train and have at least 10 years training experience.

CEFR Compliance

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is an internationally recognised set of standards that measures language levels on an equal footing. Both, our face-to-face courses and Lingwell Online are designed to empower you to pass a certified German language course.

Lingwell services at a glance

Since the launch of Lingwell in 2012 we have grown our portfolio for German language related services.
Our broad range of learning formats offers a solution for every customer, whatever the budget, location or requirements.

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Lingwell Online vs face-to-face training

Lingwell offers two learning programmes which focus on different skill sets.

The three most important focus areas in each programme are listed below.

Lingwell Online

Lingwell has the main focus on reading, writing and listening.


There is a multitude of exercises in Lingwell Online with a focus on spelling and grammar.


Learn to write down German words that are spelled out for you and understand simple information and instructions.


A vital skill which helps you improve not only your grammar and spelling, but also your conversational German.

Lingwell German for Business

Lingwell German for Business is a face-to-face-programme where our corporate clients learn German with a live tutor at our clients' premises.


Have the right phrases and vocabulary at hand when you speak on the phone or face-to-face.

Cultural Awareness

Learn to avoid pitfalls when you're dealing with German stakeholders.


Learn to write down German words that are spelled out for you and understand simple information and instructions.